We believe that EVERYONE from the poor to the rich can benefit from our online real estate investor training and our national community of real estate investors. We have a host of resources that can help you fast-track your learning to become a Real Estate Investor. It is important to build trust as we work together.


The Live & Online training specializes in training individuals the right way to build your real estate investing & home based business while using multiple real estate investment strategies to help you build wealth. It's not just about apartments. Everyone starts somewhere and that is usual a small somewhere.


We are looking for open minded individuals to join our Sales & Marketing Team. Do you have what it takes to work alongside highly motivated, success-driven individuals? You choose, whether you want to just do real estate, sales/marketing, or both. It's a earn while you learn strategy. Hey why not make money?


Property investing tours are the life blood of creating wealth. Our instructors are real estate investors first and teachers second. We strive on building real estate investing communities around the nation so that you have local support when you need to overcome the four biggest obstacles in real estate investing!

Real Estate Investing For Beginners… And Experts

If you’ve always wanted to start a real estate investing business or you’ve dabbled in real estate but would like to get smarter about finding and funding your next residential or commercial property, you’ve come to the right website.
It’s not easy to get a “real world” real estate investing education, other than by trial and error, for a reasonable cost…until now.
Thanks to a unique online real estate investing program, you can learn from experienced hands-on instructors, who have expertise in investment opportunities ranging from fix and flips to tax liens, foreclosures to IRA real estate investing, hard money lending to private financing. In addition to information-filled real estate classes and courses, you’ll also have access to mentors and coaches, as well as potential real estate deals in your community.
Why wait? Sign up today for our free 10-minute webinar, and find out how you can earn extra money, save for retirement, and/or turn real estate investing into a full-time business!

Strategies which our associates learn include:

Where to find the best real estate deals,
Tax & Legal Strategies-How to structure your real estate & home based business for each deal, asset protection and more
Creative Acquisition & Exit Strategies
Creative Financing, No Money/No Credit Property Acquisition
Hard Money & Private Money Lending,
Fix & Flips, Rehabbing
Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO's, Auctions
Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
Buy & Hold - Rentals & Lease Options
Seller Financed Notes
Multi Unit Properties 4-100 units
and yes, there's much more,